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Equatorial Bodyguard Deluxe
100ml, 50 ml and 20 ml

Equatorial Bodyguard For All
100ml, 50 ml and 20 ml

Equatorial Bodyguard Junior
100ml, 50 ml and 20 ml

Equatorial Body Guard Insect Repellent brand lotion and pump spray contain DEET, the most effective tick and insect repelling ingredient ever developed by scientists. The scented formulations are also fortified with citronella as a fragrance.

Our water-based formulation has replaced greater part of the alcohol found in competitive insect repellents. Because water does not evaporate as quickly as alcohol, and does not open the pores, the need to frequently reapply the repellent is reduced.
This makes equatorials Body Guard an appropriate choice for protecting children as well as adults and it leaves more insect repellent on the skin so that it fights against biting insects longer.

Equatorial’s Body Guard Deluxe: contains 50% DEET and is the best concentration recommended by Scientist for protection from disease carrying insects.

Equatorial’s Body Guard Junior: contains 10% DEET, appropriate for most situations where exposure to pests is minimal or for shorter exposure periods. It is also the best concentration recommended for infants.

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