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These are all packaged in 400 ml, refill 1000 ml and 4000 ml.

These products are formulated from the natural pyrethrum with the appropriate synergist to ensure their effectiveness in ridding the target insects. The formulations are also water based to make them friendlier to humans.


Pyrethrins affect the nervous system of insects and result in repeated and extended firings of the nerves. They do this by affecting the flow of sodium out of nerve cells.


All pyrethrins are easily hydrolyzed and degraded by stomach acids so toxicity following ingestion by humans and animals is very low.


The Blasters have the following unique properties that make them effective insecticide against crawling and flying insects.
  1. Blasters are derived from Pyrethrum - an ORGANIC PLANT EXTRACT, not a synthetic chemical.
  2. Pyrethrum has a proven safety to humans, following extensive use for many years as a human antihelminthic, as a personal insect repellent applied to the skin, and for the control of human lice. It is the PREFERRED FOOD INSECTICIDE to be used on ALL FRUITS and VEGETABLES to be EXPORTED to EUROPE and AMERICA.
  3. The Blasters contain Six ACTIVE KILLING INGREDIENTS AND A SYNERGIST, compared to others with one or two killing components. It is therefore difficult for any insect to develop RESISTANCE to our product because resistance has to be developed against all Six killing components
  4. The Blasters have very rapid paralytic action on insects identified as the quick knock down effect.
  5. They also have very wide spectrum of activity against different insects.
  6. The Blasters have a unique action against mosquitoes, with a very high toxicity, a pronounced repellent effect and the ability of sub-lethal doses to effectively disorientate mosquito to the extent that she cannot "bite" to obtain a blood meal.
  7. The Blasters have no residues which have any biological activity.
  8. Blaster has no persistence in the environment.
  9. Persons can enter treated areas immediately after spraying with Blaster, without being exposed to hazardous amounts of chemicals.
  10. When sprayed into window curtains for example, Blasterís killing effect continues into weeks and months. This is the basis of the PYRETHRUM MOSQUITO NET PROGRAM. In this program, nets dipped into a solution containing our active ingredient will protect and kill these insects for up to 4-6 months.
  11. The product is WATER SOLUBLE and easily washed off.
  12. Without washing, just EXPOSING the soaked cloth to the SUN for a few hours will get rid of this insecticide.
  13. The Blasters are excellent formulations that remain clear uniform solution and needs no shaking before spraying.
  14. The Blastersí Spray bottles are re-usable and can be refilled with the 1000ml and 4000 ml moderately priced refills.
  15. Our products are manufactured in Ghana. This helps cut down on COST and SHORTAGES AND ALSO CREATE JOBS FOR GHANAIANS. Compared to others which experiences recurring shortages.


  • In the Home: Blaster can be safely used in homes and houses to rid mosquitoes, house flies and other pests without danger to people or pets.
  • Farmyards & Gardens: In farmyards livestock can be safely protected from irritating and disease carrying pests. Blaster can also be used in gardens to keep fruit, vegetables and flowers to free harmful insects without damage to foliage or blooms.
  • Food Processing Plants: Blaster can also be used in Food Processing Plants continually without risk to workers or products. Such places include Chop Bars and Restaurants.
  • Food in store or transit: Food in store or transit could also be treated with Blaster where they remain uncontaminated and free from insect damage for long periods.
  • Shops: In shops, Blaster will keep disease-carrying insects away from produce.
  • Schools and hospitals: The use of Blaster in schools and hospitals reduce the risk of insect carrying infections.


  • All the Insecticide sprays in the Ghanaian Market are ARTIFICIALLY Synthesized in the Laboratory.
  • This makes these brands less effective, more toxic and more difficult to breakdown.
  • None of them contain more than two killing components. With fewer killing components, mosquitoes and other insects develop RESISTANCE to these chemicals very easily and are therefore not effective.
  • Most of the sprays in Ghana are poorly formulated in TOXIC chemicals such as Kerosene. This prevents humans from entering immediately after spraying rooms.
  • Present Suppliers in the country choose these Artificial Derivatives over the Natural Extract because they are cheaper.

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